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Many young people in Madhavaram Parish come from impoverished
families and do not have the opportunity to study, even though they
are intelligent and talented.

They work all kinds of jobs to help
their families survive, and their talents are often wasted because
they are not valued or encouraged in any way.

The problems they
face on a daily basis badly affect their lives. They end up dropping out
of school, entering into early marriages, and living in exclusion from
society without the possibility of a better future.


The St. Louis fraternity offers ongoing help to the people of Palamaner, without making any distinction as regards ethnicity or religion.
The friars provide health care for people suffering from leprosy, they promote housing construction, and distribute meals to the most impoverished families. They also offer primary schooling for children, aware that local development is rooted in education.


The Franciscans want to help the young people of Madhavaram
by setting up an activity centre to promote their growth and
development. This small and simple structure will accommodate
50 young people from the parish, and will include a library, a sports
field, and a programme of workshops and activities for the many
needs of the young people. By developing their talents and interests,
the Franciscan friars will help the young people of Madhavaram to be
trained and actively involved in the life of the community so that they
do not remain isolated and exploited.

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