Reconstruction in Labuana e Sivalenta


Fra Michael



On 28 September 2018, a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 hit the island of Sulawesi, causing a tsunami that destroyed the capital Palu and the surrounding areas of Sigi and Donggala, killing a total of over 4,300 people. Villages mainly engaged in fishing and agriculture were wiped out, along with the infrastructure and all the resources necessary for the very survival of the communities.


The Franciscan Friars took action immediately after the earthquake, offering their support for the basic needs of the people affected by the catastrophe. However, this response was not limited to the emergency phase — over the years, there have been several initiatives aimed at bringing about decent living conditions, particularly in the villages of Labuan and Sivalenta. In practical terms, the friars have promoted:


  • HOUSING SUPPORT: This has involved the reconstruction of earthquake-proof buildings in the villages. In addition to housing, it was necessary to build kitchens and latrines to ensure the requisite health safety standards.
  • WORK: To support the recovery of the people’s primary source of livelihood, the friars have provided for the purchase of boats, engines, and fishing nets. The agricultural sector has also been supported through the acquisition of harvesting supplies.
  • SPIRITUALITY: Sivalenta is a Christian village. Therefore, the friars have constructed a new Church, a place that is the focal point for the local community.

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