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The people living in the Pan Amazonian region suffer the consequences of a series of global problems: deforestation, drug trafficking, and systematic deprivation of human rights. These are issues which, while closely affecting the original populations of the Amazon, affect the world’s entire social, economic, and ecological system. The Franciscan mission in Caballococha, located right on the borders between Peru, Colombia, and Brazil, is tackling the profound social injustices of which the local populations are victims, trying to offer them the tools necessary for their subsistence.


Querida Amazonia is a project promoting social justice for the Peruvian community living in the Caballococha area. The Friars Minor are involved in supporting the indigenous peoples in the development of an empowerment process, through the establishment of a network of “human rights promoters”. The aim is to promote the awareness necessary for self-protection of their rights and interests.

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