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On December 16, 2021, the super typhoon Rai / Odette struck the Philippines, bringing destruction and ruin to various areas of the country for days. Its winds, which exceeded 240 km per hour, swept away entire villages, causing over 400 deaths and a hundred missing.

The inhabitants of the six regions affected by the passage of the typhoon are now forced to start from scratch, subject to the most complete vulnerability. Thousands of people, of all ages and genders, live daily the uncertainty related to the most immediate human needs: shelter, hygiene, nutrition.


Since 1577, the year of arrival in the archipelago, the friars have given life to a fervent activity towards the Filipino population. The missionary spirit was distinguished by the marked social commitment that went alongside the spiritual one. Over the centuries, the friars have created four hospitals, a leper colony and several schools. All without obviously neglecting pastoral activity, pursued through the animation of many parishes throughout the country.

Today the Friars Minor present in the Philippines are coordinated by the Province of San Pedro Bautista and the Custody of Saint Anthony of Padua. More than four centuries after their arrive, the friars continue their service to all people in need.


The friars of the Custody of Saint Anthony of Padua, located in the areas most affected by the cataclysm, immediately took action to provide the primary goods necessary to meet the needs of the survivors. The Custody of Saint Anthony of Padua was able to carry out the first relief operations for 100 families in Cebu City who live near the Franciscan Retirement Community and for another 60 families in Lapu City. In addition, 152 families were helped in the city of Guihulngan in January.

Today br. Renee asks donors to support extraordinary needs in the medium and long term: to rebuild the schools and convents currently reduced to a pile of rubble. So they can continue to give hope for the future to thousands of men, women and children.

The program of the friars of the Custody of Saint Anthony of Padua requires $ 350,000. This sum will be used to rebuild the collapsed roof of the Parish of San Vicente Ferrer in Cebu and to repair and secure the convents and schools damaged by the typhoon. A medium-long term project to rebuild the community, bringing together the survivors to help them find hope.

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