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Just as in many parts of India, women in Palamaner face obstacles
to their progress and are excluded from many sectors of the labour
market. Their role is limited to housekeeping, cooking and childcare.

For women from more impoverished families, this often means
being torn between the demands of caring for children and the
elderly and the impossibility of getting regular work to provide
for daily necessities, such as food, housing, and schooling for
the children.


The Franciscans want to help the young people of Madhavaram
by setting up an activity centre to promote their growth and
development. This small and simple structure will accommodate
50 young people from the parish, and will include a library, a sports
field, and a programme of workshops and activities for the many
needs of the young people. By developing their talents and interests,
the Franciscan friars will help the young people of Madhavaram to be
trained and actively involved in the life of the community so that they
do not remain isolated and exploited.


With the “Women of Palamaner” project, the Franciscan friars want
to offer the poor and marginalised women of Palamaner the
chance to learn a trade and earn an income that will support
their families. The project includes the opening of a dressmaking
and tailoring centre where 87 women will also follow awarenessraising
programmes to become better informed about their rights.
They will be trained in a job that they can do from home, enabling
them to support themselves while continuing domestic tasks,
including childcare and care of the sick.

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