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South Sudan, located in the heart of the African continent, is a young nation with 12.6 million inhabitants. Its independence dates only to 2011, when after almost fifty years of civil war it declared its separation from Sudan by referendum. In 2013, a coup d’état triggered a fresh ethnic conflict between the Dinka and Nuer ethnic groups, which is still dragging on today despite international pressure and several fragile peace agreements that have been broken repeatedly. In addition to causing millions of deaths and refugees, decades of civil war have meant that South Sudan’s economy and infrastructure are devastated. South Sudan is now considered the poorest country in the world, despite significant oil and mineral resources that cannot be exploited because of social and political instability.


The friars arrived in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, in 2012. Their initial intention was to offer pastoral care to the faithful of Holy Trinity Parish. A friary was added to the parish in 2015, which became a focal point for the local community.

Since then, the Franciscan community in Juba has launched various assistance projects for the weakest sections of the population:

  •  CHILDREN – Opening of St. Clare’s House, an orphanage that welcomes children who no longer have anyone, offering them board, lodging, and education
  • SERVICE – The establishment of Peace and Good People, a group of young people from the parish to help and care for those living on the street
  • EDUCATION – Support for the school education of children from the most impoverished families


In 2020 there are three objectives that the community of Juba must achieve and they are in all cases related to the continuation of the initiatives undertaken:

  • Medical care, food and clothing for street children and young people: 6,000€
  • Costs for the management and initial training of orphans welcomed in the Casa Santa Chiara: 36,000€
  • Tuition support for 200 children: 8,000€

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