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Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world and is a young parliamentary republic with severe political and economic problems. Most of its population, which is among the youngest in the world, has no access to education and health care.
The Parkari people form one of the weakest tribes and are historically considered to be among the lowest in society. Located in the southeast corner of the country, on the border with India, the Parkari are victims of a particular aspect of the cultural heritage of India and are still considered untouchable today.


Currently, five Franciscan parishes are linked to Parkari communities. These are not only concerned with pastoral care but also play a fundamental role in combating the poverty of the tribe. Among the workers in these parishes is Br. Walfred — a friar and a nurse — who is responsible for providing health care to the Parkari. His commitment is not limited to emergency intervention, he also engaged in disease prevention and health education in rural areas. In particular, Br. Walfred offers the population the necessary training to combat tuberculosis, which kills 60,000 people every year throughout Pakistan.


The pandemic has exacerbated the problems that have long plagued the Parkari tribe. Covid-19 has affected a population already suffering from tuberculosis and poor sanitary conditions.

Every donation contributes to support Brother Walfred’s commitment to the health care and awareness work he has been conducting for years with the local Franciscan community.

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