Haiti Emergency

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Br. Wilfrid



Two hurricanes, two earthquakes and a coup. Since 2004 Haiti has been battered by a series of natural and political disasters that have condemned the population to a condition of dramatic emergency, aggravated by political and social instability.

To the problem of displaced persons and the hundreds of thousands of people who today live without a home, is added the substantial absence of institutions, which causes the almost uncontrolled increase in wars between rival gangs.

One of the poorest countries in the world has been living for over fifteen years in the impossibility of planning even a minimal phase of development.


The friars have been present in Haiti since 1987 with the Foundation of Santa Crocein Haiti. The foundation has 24 friars distributed in 3 houses, all located in the capital Port-au-Prince.

In Haiti the friars carry out the activities that distinguish Franciscan work in the world: catechesis, assistance to the poor and the sick, teaching. The friars are also involved in the animation of one of the parishes in Haiti, a predominantly Catholic state, offering spiritual guidance to over 35,000 people.


The fundraising for Haiti is aimed at providing concrete and immediate answers to the state of emergency. This translates into the search for resources to support the basic needs of the population through the provision of tents, food and medicines.

In the meantime, it is also essential to provide for the renovation of one of the Franciscan houses in Port-au-Prince, semi-destroyed by the earthquake of 2021. Its reconstruction is essential to allow Fra Wilfrid and Fra Noe Francisco to continue their work of assistance to the local population.

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