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Br. Cristoforo


For centuries, the community of Franciscan friars has been an important focal point for the faithful and the people of the Voghera area. It has always offered support to those who knocked on the doors of the Friary.
More and more people and families are turning to the Franciscan friars because of the economic crisis and growing poverty in Italy because they have no place to stay and cannot afford the cost of accommodation.


The friars decided to restore the old wing of the Friary, which started as a house of formation and has been abandoned for almost sixty years now, to make it a home that can respond to a variety of needs that are very present in our area and which are still unmet today. In the new Our Lady of Graces House, the Franciscan friars will be able to offer them welcome, listening, and the help they need to overcome difficult times. The Franciscan community of Voghera will offer hospitality to those who have a family member hospitalized in the area, to evicted families waiting to find a new home, to separated fathers who cannot afford a home, to those who have a father, a husband or a son. in prison to visit and comes from afar.


Friar’s dream is to complete the “House” by 2023, when we will celebrate the Centenary of the Coronation of the image of Our Lady of Graces venerated here in our Shrine in Voghera.
The construction of the Our Lady of Graces House includes:

  • 14 Rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Social Area
  • Offices

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