Agricultural Farm Saõ Francisco



To realize the widespread poverty in Mozambique it is sufficient to think that over half of the children are malnourished and most of the population lives thanks to a subsistence economy. Paradoxically, the African country is rich in resources and fertile land, which however needs techniques, tools and means so that it can produce a livelihood for families.


Under the leadership of Friar Jorge, the Friars Minor serve 74 villages spread over a vast area of ​​over 120 square kilometers in the Jécua area. In this context, the friars are committed to contributing to the human and spiritual progress of the local population. The proclamation of the Gospel is accompanied by the teaching of innovative agricultural techniques consistent with the exhortations that Pope Francis has included in his encyclical Laudato Si’, aimed at promoting an integral development of the person with respect for Creation.


The São Francisco Farm was created by the Friars Minor with the aim of training the inhabitants of the villages of Jécua, providing them with the tools and means necessary for effective agricultural exploitation of the land. Through the generosity of donors, the OFM Fraternitas Foundation supports the project by providing the necessary for the purchase of a plow, tanks for natural fertilizer and seed kits and agricultural equipment for individual families.

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